The Brand

Welcome to Ruth Burgess.

My name is Amy Ruth Price.  I named my company after my great grandmother, Ruth Burgess.  Not only am I named after Ruth but I have been reminded throughout my life what a special lady she was.  I thought it would be a meaningful way to remember her and keep her spirit alive.

I have been designing jewelry for over the past 15 years.  Immediately when I stumbled upon making jewelry it quickly became my passion.  Creating and designing both soothes and feeds my soul.  Over the years I have enjoyed creating a unique piece for an individual and curating for store owners.  Which ever one it is the pieces will be original and 100% handmade.

Around the same time when I discovered my passion for jewelry design it collided with interior design.  I have worked on many projects over the years including a hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, multiple homes and condos, two drug rehabilitation centers and recently a large multi-family housing renovation.I offer consulting, design services for any budget and furniture staging services.If you are interested in design services please contact me at